As our annual event aims to connect lung cancer patients, caregivers, family, and friends across Canada from coast to coast, we’ve implemented a unique scavenger hunt-trivia game across Topia that represents exactly this.

Scattered around the Topia EOH world are 6 short videos of lung cancer patients intruding themselves at different landmarks across Canada (look for the Canadian flags!). While you explore the EOH Topia world, take note of these videos and watch each of them carefully. Once you’ve watched all 6, walk over to the nearest arcade game booth and fill out the score sheet with your answers to the questions! The more answers you get correct, the higher your score will be.

At the end of the first hour of the Evening of Hope, LCC will review all participants’ score sheets and in the case of a tie, a final tiebreaker round will be played live during the formal Evening of Hope Program via Zoom. Winner(s) will receive a special prize including Hope Army merch and a $30 gift card for Ultimate Dining.